Thursday, August 28, 2008

talking Parts ep16: Marie Jamora

Marie Jamora talks about Project Runway Philippines, her experiences in film school, and her process and viewpoints as a professional director.

Project Runway Philippines airs every Wednesday, 10PM on ETC; with replays on Thursdays at 9AM & 3PM, Saturdays at 2AM & 8PM, Sundays at 2:30PM, and Mondays at 9AM. You can check out more of Marie’s work on YouTube. Just go to

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talking Parts ep16

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,

This is my FAVORITE episode so far. you guys are so funny, your sister is so smart and humorous without sounding academic. You guys are so articulate, it shows that intelligence is really genetic!!! I was listening to sweeney todd (barcelona cast, mind you :)) but i stopped, when i sampled some of the conversation pieces. I am also a fan of project runway. at first i thought that the phil version will pale in comparison. but after seeing the initial episodes, i am now a fan. not really of the designers but on how the show is constructed. it is so filipino yet a lot of steps ahead of current reality shows. your sister's take on the show is so straigh forward. and the pacing is great!!!!! more power miss jamora. hope you take your two sisters as guests again in the future.

Jenny Jamora said...

Thanks so much for the supportive words!

Jhiedon Florentino said...

Thanks so much for the supportive words! --> actually, we, your listeners, should be the one thanking you.

FlipStarz said...

Wow, I'm so happy I found this interview! I've been researching Marie's videos for my website lately, and this really gave a human voice to her work.

You're right, no need for nepotism here - she is truly one of the stars in her field. I only wish she had another hour to tell stories about the production of some of her own music videos.


Jenny Jamora said...


yeah, my sis is a great and really funny storyteller. and she has TONS of stories. hopefully there will be more interviews with her in the future. :)