Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Next Ep, and " A Call for Questions: Lea Salonga"

This week: Marie Jamora in Ep 15!

Meanwhile, post a question for our next guest, Lea Salonga! This Tony-award winning actress has just finished playing Cinderella in Broadway Asia Entertainment's Manila run of the Rodgers and Hammerstein musical. Their Asian tour continues in China, beginning Sept.11, and moves on to Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Korea in the succeeding months, and well into 2009. Just post it as a comment here, or email talkingparts@gmail.com (or simply click on the email link in the right column of this page).

Hope to hear from you!


Gil said...

Can you please ask Lea this: "Is your not being a belter an impediment to grabbing diva-roles or well-written female roles on Broadway?"

Anonymous said...

Me i have a question, sana itanong ni miss jenny. "What are the roles that you want to do, but you know you would be miscast if done so?" Might be difficult to ask considering lea's stature and talent, but i know miss jamora is a match, conversation-skills wise . :) Miss Jenny, keep up the good work. I saw you in Basilia, and i really like your work there.

Anonymous said...

Kindly ask lea when she'll do original filipino musicals?